4 weeks to go Marathon training

The last few weeks have seen the overall mileage pick up to nearly 40 miles a week. With a long run of 17 at the weekend a few speed or interval sessions in the weeks and some rest and recovery runs too the emphasis is still on quality as well as distance. 

And with just four weeks to go it doesn’t let up now. Last night was a 8x800m interval session with 2 mins between.  Easy five today, interval on Thursday, easy 4 on Friday and rest on Saturday. 

Sunday sees me running the Knighton 20 mile race organised by Ken Rushton.

My coach/guru Ben Gamble has set me a pace of 8.50 to 9 mins per mile for the 20 miles, with the aim of holding it the same pace through out the whole race. 

Next week Bens set a  similar structure for training in the week, with a 6 mile run preceding the Stafford Half marathon on the Sunday. Thanks Ben.

With just four weeks to go Im starting to think about kit and nutrition strategies. Im going to stick with TORQ gels with no artificial settlers and with their mix of Electrolytes they sit well with me. Ive also treated my self to a new pair of huub calf compression sleeve’s. 




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