faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

synonyms: loyalty, allegiance, obedience, constancy, fealty, homage;


the fact of someone or something not succeeding.

A few Sundays I found my self in church, this on its own some you may find surprising, either way I'm sat listening to the sermon and it got me thinking of my cycling and running.

During the sermon the Priest talked about how all of us should demonstrate Fidelity in our everyday lives, be it in a faithfulness to family life, work, or with each other and that this in turn may mean we sacrifice things we rather be doing.

This is something I can relate too and I m sure many of you can also.

What I do know now is that it is this fidelity that has given me so much back. Sacrificing the odd ride to spend time with my family has brought me so many happy memories and likewise missing the odd TV program or dropping the booze for a while so that I can run or ride instead has again paid dividends and made me a happier person.