The five pillars approach to training

Im struggling to train, its a reality and a fact. 

Work has taken over my life since September and on top of that (and probably because of the stress of it, Ive been run down and moved from cold to cold). 

Trying to make a come back from this is hard, and although Ive started I cant begin to tell you just how much fitness seems to have gone and coupled to that theres the constant battle I have with my weight.

I imagine others have been here or are here right now and as we go into the dark winter months it isn't so easy to get out their and do it. But thats just what need to be done.

Im not going to give you some sort of magic training plan (who am i to talk anyway Im the one struggling) but I thought Id share something that Im personally stealing from the Ironman brand to we use and apply to my training this winter. And it doesn't matter if  you do all three disciplines or only run or cycle there are some wise words in here. 

Balance – Triathlon is a sport in and of itself, not a combination of swimming, biking and running. We balance our strengths and weaknesses to become athletes who train and race holistically.

Consistency – athletes weave together work, family and challenging workout schedules. The road to the finish line is paved with a realistic program that allows us to constantly invest to go farther.

Endurance – An athlete's training should reflect the sport and triathlons are ultimately tests of endurance. We subscribe to a simple maxim: If you can sustain, you will succeed.

Adaptability – Setting goals is only part of the journey: An athlete must always adjust. We aim to develop an intuitive flexibility – responding to our bodies and our lives – to prevent burnout or injury.

Recovery – Successful training incorporates a spectrum of intensity, from full-throttle workouts to rest and recovery. It’s the valleys that make the peaks possible and both are essential to real progress.

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