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Are Gravel Bikes good for commuting?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Velorunner stock and supply a range of bikes for customers looking for their ideal commuter bike. With the increase in the popularity of Gravel Bikes in recent years, we are finding that this type of bike is becoming more popular with commuters - Whatever the geography, gravel bikes make fantastic commuters suited to UK conditions, from city centres to rural commutes. There are many reasons why your next commuter bike should be gravel.

Are Gravel Bikes Good for Commuting?

The short answer is yes, two of our staff, Peter and Danny, commute on Gravel Bikes, enjoying both the speed, comfort and versatility they offer over terrain, including the rougher off-road sections.

Gravel bikes provide the perfect balance between a road bike's pace and a mountain bike's go-anywhere capability. However, many commuters use mountain bikes for their everyday journeys.

Why are Gravel Bikes Good for Commuting?

There are many reasons why Gravel Bikes are good for commuting; the riding position is incredibly comfortable - and the off-road bias of a gravel bike provides the perfect to absorb all of the bumps and roughness of British roads. Wider tyres are ideal for reducing the risk of tyre damage and flat tyres.

There is a vast choice of gearing to choose from. Whether you want the comfort of a double front chainring or opt for a single with a 12 block on the back, you will have plenty of gears to choose from, so uphill sections, technical or free-flowing singletrack and flat-out fast road sections are all well catered for within the limitations of the gearings. Gravel bikes will give lots of luggage carrying options for Bikepacking duties or for fitting pannier bags, making it a versatile commuter and a multi-day adventure touring bike.

Gravel Bike Suspension

Gravel Bikes typically have a rigid fork – with the suspension coming from the tyres and frame, you will also have a comfortable ride. After-market suspension forks are now available for those requiring a little more.

Typical Gravel Bike Commute

Gravel Bikes are suitable for all kinds of commutes but excel in certain circumstances. Urban commutes of any distance are well catered for, and gravel bikes provide the freedom and flexibility to add gravel and off-road routes into your cycle commute. Fire roads, canal towpaths, and gravel road surfaces are all easily ridden on.

How Quick are Gravel Bikes?

The speed of a bike generally relates to rider fitness - but gravel bikes are quick bikes, so good progress can be made. In good weather conditions, a fit bike rider can average 20mph on a gravel bike. How

Commuter Gravel Bikes Online

Velorunner stock and supply an excellent range of gravel bikes suitable for commuting. These bikes can be viewed here, and if you have any questions about the collection, please get in touch; we will be more than happy to match a bike to your exact requirements and preferences.

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