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Christmas Training Tips

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

At this time of year, when there's presents to buy, people to see and, erm, Andy Gales mince pies and Cake to be had, it’s easy to fall off the wagon and see your training routine slip lower down your list of priorities. So to help add motivation to your winter training, here are Peter's Danny and Simon Top tips to keep you running and riding over Christmas.

Tip 1 (Peter) Plan ahead.

Look at the next seven days and decide when and where your going to get out. Its likely your routine is going to be different to other times of the year so we are not nesacarily looking for progress just some momentum. Your more likely to go out if its in the diary. also set a target for the next seven days.

Tip 2 Peter

Ride or Run to a relative get togethes. Get an extra session by running to the party if you can't go all the way get dropped off a few miles away and go from there. Once there call it a business meeting and enjoy some cheese and wine.

Tip 3 Danny

Buy a decent head torch. Over two thirds of any 24 hours is dark, so investing in a decent head torch takes away excuses and opens up loads of possibilities to run. It will give you confidence on trails and help in traffic.

Tip 4 Simon

Arrange a meeting with others, your less likely to back out if you've committed to other people

Tip 5 Simon

Always carry an extra layer for mechanical or injury stops, if your warm while your moving you'll get cold when you stop.

Tip 6 Peter

Mix it up. It doesn't have to be what you always do, walks with family, swims with kids, getting out on the mountain bikes, or a family visit to the climbing wall. keeping everyone moving off the couch and way from the chocolates.

Tip 7 (John Clemens)

Have a target or mile stone doesn't have to be a race, it could be a virtual challenge or for those with more time the Rapha 500. Mine was kicking Bens ass on this stretch of the canal !!

Tipe 7 B make it a realistic target

Tip 8 Ditch Swift and the Peleton - Simon

While its nice being inside while its cold and wet getting outside for a run tor a ride in the fresh air can boost your mood and break the feelings of isolation. Plus, there’s nothing like getting in a harder effort run in the cool weather.

Tip 9 If you haven't got time then up the Intensity.- Danny

Shorten the time and push harder with a high level of intensity. Studies show that shorter sprint interval training can produce similar bio-mechanical muscle changes as longer endurance training with similar endurance performance benefits.

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