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Gait Analysis Explained: How Does it Work?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

As the nation embraces exercise in 2022, there are few more practical ways to get active than taking up running. All you need to start with is a pair of suitable running shoes and an open stretch of space to run in, and with studies finding that taking up running can be a literal life saver, there has never been a better time to start organising regular cardio sessions. Additional benefits of running can even include reduced stress, boosts to general mood and weight-loss. To avoid injury or discomfort during a run, the right choice of footwear should be a priority, and a gait analysis is the perfect way to determine your perfect shoe solution. A method of analysing an individual’s running style and matching them up with the applicable footwear, VeloRunner are your local gait analysis specialists, offering a free gait analysis alongside expert advice tailored to you.

Continue reading to learn more about what a gait analysis is, how it can identify prominent issues within your running style, as well as the many benefits to runners receiving one.

Gait Analysis Explained

In simple terms, a gait analysis or gait assessment is the process used to find the ideal running shoes for you. By determining the type of runner you are, hearing about your future aspirations in running, and considering any injuries you may have sustained in the past, experts can form an overview of your needs. Your ‘gait’ is medical terminology for the way you walk, with a ‘running gait’ constituting the way in which you run. Everyone is unique in the way they move as they run, meaning that a gait analysis is personalised and it can be useful to observe on a person-by-person basis. The ultimate objective of a gait analysis is to measure the pronation (natural roll) of the foot as it makes contact with the ground.

The practical part of the analysis involves running at pace on a treadmill for a short amount of time. The movement of an individual’s feet as they run will differ from person to person, and the recorded result of the gait analysis will determine which type of running shoe is best. The types of pronation are:


When the foot lands on its outer edge and then rolls inwards, this is known as neutral pronation. You would normally be recommended cushioned shoes in this instance which allow the foot to continue what it is doing.


When the foot rolls notably inwards as it lands, this is known as overpronation. Continually running in this manner can cause foot, knee, and back injuries, and if a gait analysis discovers that this is the way you run, you will likely be recommended a shoe with considerable support to keep the foot stable.


When the ankle does not roll in as it strikes the ground, this is known as underpronation. With the ankle rolling outwards putting pressure on the rest of your foot and toes, this running style can cause pain through your back and knees. A gait analysis would recommend shoes with a thick and supportive sole in this instance.

Risks Of A Poor Running Stance

Foot placement, cadence and stride length should all be taken into account when running, with many of the risks associated with a poor running stance stemming from the wrong choice of footwear or poor overall technique. An overstriding leg is straighter and stiffer than a correctly placed leg, reducing your ability to absorb the force of a landing when running. This has the potential to cause shin, knee, and hip injuries in the worst situations. Heel striking is another common mistake that people make when running, as landing on your heel increases the impact on your bones, joints, and muscles. Aim to land on your middle foot in the ideal scenario. Remember that every runner is different and nobody starts out their fitness journey with perfect running technique.

The Benefits For Runners

There are countless benefits to the gait analysis, with a healthier running stance guaranteed. Selecting the appropriate running shoes will not only prevent the likelihood of short-term injury or long-term issues sustained from running incorrectly, but can also yield results when running competitively or attempting to beat a personal best. A gait analysis may reveal that you’ve been wearing the wrong type of shoes the entire time, preventing strains and niggles that crop up as part of your training regime. With overstriding, poor arm position and poor head position all notable mistakes that people can make while running - but often don’t realise - a detailed gait analysis can determine how you may be going wrong, and offer a

trusty solution in the form of tailored running shoes.

Identifying Issues With A Free Gait Analysis

We provide a free gait analysis service, with no obligation to purchase from us first. Visit our store and our experts will analyse your running technique. Gait analysis sessions at VeloRunner will usually last half an hour, with an initial discussion about your running goals and past injuries. Provided with a pair of neutral running trainers, we will observe and record you on a treadmill, looking for concerning signs in your running stance.

By looking at your running technique together, we can offer expert advice and guidance and specify which type of shoe will give you optimum performance. With a variety of the newest professionally endorsed running shoes available online and in store, we can cater to your individual running needs.

Our Product Range

More of a cyclist? At VeloRunner, we cater to a wide range of customers who care about their fitness, from amateur runners to professional bike riders. Our extensive online range includes everything from the latest running trainers to high-end electric mountain bikes for the adventurers among us. With a comprehensive selection of cycle clothing and modern branded running gear, below are just an assortment of our quality products:

The Ghost 14 uses 3D Fit Print technology to provide structure that moves with the foot, maintaining a secure yet breathable fit. Complete with a padded tongue and DNA Loft cushioning to continuously tailor the level of cushioning to your specific needs as they change during a run.

The seamless and integrated interfaces of this bike are modern and intuitive, designed to optimise your experience by minimising distractions. An incredibly lightweight, sportive and rideable bike, the Orbea Gain D40 E-Road Bike is excellent for long journeys on open road.

Designed to keep you warm and comfortable during cooler conditions, the New Balance Impact Run Grid Back Half Zip Top is a versatile and stylish warming layer to keep you warm for running in any weather. Featuring heat technology, this product is constructed from a soft polyester knit for added comfort and warmth.

The Forerunner 245 Music is a complete training tool, providing valuable insight into your performances. Assessing and analysing rest and recovery periods, this gadget makes sure that everything is optimised for maximum gains.

These sunglasses open out your line of sight for improved peripheral vision, providing heightened UV protection. The dark lens tint of these makes them equally ideal for use in bright conditions, crafted with supreme staying power even in the most extreme weather.

VeloRunner: Women’s Running Trainers And Cycle Clothing Via Our Online Bike Shop

Our passion for running and cycling is unparalleled, and the dedication we put into our bike shop is emphasised by our friendly, knowledgeable staff and extensive product range. Visit us in store to be guided through the process of optimising your cycling experience, with the latest gear and tailored gait analysis service. Whether you run for fun or cycle for the love of competition, our professionals at VeloRunner can help you reach peak performance.

Caught the exercise bug in the early months of 2022? Cycling gear and running trainers are just a taste of what we offer, giving runners and riders access to leading brands with a personalised service. We help our customers to achieve the best with over 25 years of experience in the field. Satisfying all of your running and cycling needs, we can pair you up with your ideal bike, and maintain it to the highest standards. Whatever you need, VeloRunner are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01785 818 055.

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