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Only Compete With Yourself

Things we can do to improve

1, Only Compete with yourself

Don't worry or worse, envy those around you. Those we envy aren't you and are not living your life. Instead set your own goals and measure yourself against them.

Measure where you are and try to improve on it next week, beat yesterday.

This is the area where you can maximise your level of self-improvement. Track where you are today and try to improve that level next week. Next week, try to beat it again. By the end of the year, you won't recognise yourself. Once a month, try 'test out'. Write down your stats and watch the improvements.

Of course, we need good opponents to help make us better, but the real competition is with yourself. Whether it's more sleep this week versus last. Weight lost more books read or increased steps per day; it doesn't always need to be more miles ran, elevation gained.

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