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Reasons To Start Cycling In 2022

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Keeping active will provide countless benefits for your physical and mental health, with participation in regular physical activity likely to increase self-esteem as well as reduce stress and anxiety. One of the most practical ways to stay fit is by cycling, with this useful activity able to become a part of your daily commute to work if possible. Once you’ve picked up a functioning road bike and accompanying safety gear, the open roads are yours. At VeloRunner, we take pride in being a local leader of cycling and running equipment, with over 25 years of experience giving you peace of mind that we’re the professionals to trust. A Happily independent bicycle shop,, we can guide you through the process of buying the optimal cycling gear for your rides.

Continue reading for some of the most important reasons to start cycling in 2022, including sustainability considerations and cardiovascular health.

Group of cyclists

Help The Environment

The importance of committing to sustainable transport solutions shouldn’t be underestimated, with electric vehicles becoming more prominent, e-scooters growing in popularity and increased emphasis on cyclist safety. Accounting for the carbon generated by making, fuelling and disposing of an automobile, it’s hardly surprising that cycling is viewed as an eco-friendly alternative. Imperial College London suggests that swapping the car for a bicycle just one day of the week can significantly cut your carbon footprint.

Improve Your General Health

General health benefits of taking up cycling include increased cardiovascular fitness, increased stress levels, strengthened bones and improved posture. If you hope to lose some weight from cycling regularly, then you may be in luck. Cycling regularly is one of the best ways to lose weight consistently, offering a proven method of shifting the pounds. Other general perks of cycling include improved sleep, increased alertness and distraction from negative thoughts.

Relax And Discover

Cycling is a brilliant way to get out and about, experiencing wonderful new locations and unwinding as you explore the paths, roads and walkways of your local area. Why not organise a charity bike ride? Or a family biking excursion? Cycling can be a social activity, and brings you closer to friends and loved ones.

Save Money

Fuel prices are sky-high, meanwhile train and bus tickets can be unnecessarily expensive. Aside from the initial cost and regular maintenance costs, bikes are undoubtedly the value option. Save money on parking, petrol and all manner of mechanical adjustments by making a one-time road bike purchase from our huge range.

At VeloRunner, we provide a comprehensive service, stocking everything from cycling gear to running shoes. By giving runners and riders access to industry-leading brands and a personalised service, we strive to help customers achieve the best. With over 25 years of experience in providing expert advice on running and cycling, we’ll help you out with all your fitness needs. We can assist you in choosing the perfect bike with personalised suggestions and a gait analysis. What are you waiting for? Contact your local bicycle shop today on 01785 818 055 with any queries.

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