BUILT FOR SPEED This is no ordinary race bike. This is the fastest bike ever. The Timemachine Road stakes ownership over the tarmac, excelling in breakaways, rolling terrain and bunch sprints. Aerodynamically perfected shapes, class-leading integration and the Aero module herald a new era of speed. Concept Swiss Engineering An uncompromising machine ready to satisfy your desire for speed, quality and precision. The result of extensive in-depth aero modeling, obsessively refined through CFD simulations, wind tunnel sessions, track and road testing. Ultimate Integration Integration is at the heart of BMC innovations: every component of the Timemachine Road is integrated into a stealth-looking system design, with the purpose of gaining free speed. The new ICS Aero cockpit features a minimal frontal surface area and stealth cable routing for reduced drag with no limitations to functionality or fit. Our Aero Module integrates functional components – hydration and storage: in the pursuit of the most aerodynamic configuration for real-world riding. Power Transfer The Timemachine Road has been designed to deliver maximum efficiency for the most powerful riders during all-out sprints and accelerations, courtesy of its exceptional bottom bracket and chainstay stiffness. Speed Compliant Meeting the demands of speed: our dedicated TCC Speed technology dampens road vibrations for a smooth and efficient ride.

BMC Timemachine 01 Three

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