The Forerunner 55-collection is a super user friendly sports watch for beginners, exercisers and runners who want a super simple and accessible watch with all the necessary features to track their training. 

Garmin Forerunner 55 is the successor to the popular Forerunner 45, but now more features have been added and the design has also been upgraded.

Garmin ForeRunner 55

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    • GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite connection 
    • Garmin Coach - professional training schedule  via Garmin Connect
    • Event registration - automatic registration of accidents 
    • Assistance alarm - possible to send messages on position
    • Running and walking - alarms for time, distance and calories 
    • VO2-Max estimation
    • Garmin Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitor
    • Stress registration - measures stress levels of the body 
    • Body Battery - shows the body´s current energy level 
    • Body Age - calculates the physical age of your body 



    • Track Run function for track running to get precise lap times 
    • Virtual Run, so the watch can be set up with Zwift or anything like 
    • Pool Swim – swimming in pool
    • Pilates
    • HiiT – high intensity training
    • Breathwork – breathing exercises to reduce your stress levels 

    Running features

    • Daily Suggested Workouts Lite – Get suggestions for individually tailored running workouts from your watch. Based on your fitness level, your traing load and your recovery, the watch will recommend specific sessions for you. Is it time to go full out or take it easy? Your watch has the anwer. As it is a "lite-version", the feature is not as intelligent as in some of the more expensive watches where you can get more precise suggestions for what you need to train, but the lite-version has really great value for beginners. 
    • PacePro(Lite) – PacePro provides you with a more strategic run so you can dispose of your strengths in the right way. You enter a route in the watch and indicate your desired average pace or finishing time. After that the watch will calculate how fast you need to run at what time, so you don´t wear yourself out going uphill or make miscalculations on the route. You can also tell the watch that you want to run negativ split, and then the watch will tell you how fast you need to run. As it is a lite-version, you cannot see the route on the watch which is possible in some of the more expenisve Garmin-watches, but the pace-suggestions are as precise in the lite-version as in the full version. 
    • Recovery-time – the watch estimates how long time it takes until you are fully recovered after a training session. 
    • Race Predictor – Forerunner 55 predicts how fast you can run 5km, 10km, halvmaratons and marathons. It is based on your VO2Max and your training history to provide the estimates 
    • Finishing time – Choose another distance and a desired finishing time or ending pace and follow it all the time, do you need to speed up or relax. 
    • Cadence alerts – Set your desired running cadence on the watch and if you are running with more or less steps, the watch will notify you about it. 
    • Intervals Mode – Load your interval sessions on the watch, so you know how far you need to run in each interval, how long breaks you need to have and how many repetitions you should do. 

    Health features

    • Sleep monitoring - If you are wearing the watch during your sleep, it will analyze the stages of your sleep. 
    • Minutes of intensity - Garmin makes sure that all activity is accounted for. So when your heart rate is higher than your average resting pulse, it will start an activity. Perhaps you are cycling outside or walking towards the supermarket. 
    • Fitness age - On the basis of your training level, Garmin tell you "how old" your body is. Are you 36 years old but in great shape, Garmin might let you know that you have the body of a 22-year old. 
    • All day respiration – How much you breathe pr. minute. 

    In addition, the watch can through Garmin Connect change dials and other visual expressions, so you can personnalize your watch. 


    Garmin Forerunner 55 is the perfect running watch for the one who is looking for a simple and functional running - and training watch in a great design for your daily training and competitions from 5 kilometer to marathons. 

    Forerunner 55 has all the basic features and much more making it the perfect watch for versatile training. 

    Forerunner 55 is a functional and user friendly running watch which has also great features for GPS cycling as well as diverse fitness activities. 

    Besides being a running watch, the Forerunner 55-collection is also a smartwatch, which provide you with messages, incoming calls and notifications directly on your wrist, just like you can see your calendar, weather reports and more. 



    • GPS-based Distance, time consumption, speed, average pace
    • Heart rate, average heart rate, heart rate zones, calories
    • Pace-, distance-, time alarms
    • Garmin Coach - programme planner


    • Distance via accelerometer, time consumption , speed, average pace 
    • Heart rate, average heart rate, heart rate zones, calories 
    • Garmin Coach - programme planner

    Notice that distance can vary from the distance of the treadmill on the basis of running style and arm movements. 


    • Distance based on GPS, time consumption, laps, speed, average pace 
    • Heart rate, average heart rate, heart rate zones, calories. 
    • Pace-, distance-, time alarms


    • Time consumption, laps/intervals 
    • Heart rate, average heart rate, heart rate zones, calories 

    Notice that distance, speed and cadence demands compatible sensors.


    • Cardio, crosstrainer, pilates
    • Stairs training and yoga can be added via the app 




    • Wrist: 12,9 - 19,7 cm. circumference
    • Physical measurements: 42 x 42 x 11,4 mm.
    • Display: 26,3 mm. (1,04'') diameter

    Forerunner 55 is unisex and basically fits all wrists 


    Garmin Coach has been designed with new feature making it possible to download free training programs from professional coaches directly from Garmin Connect on to the watch. 

    Garmin Coach has training programs for everyone regardless of level and based on your targets. 

    Garmin Coach programs guide you through all your running workouts, step by step, so you know exactly what to do. 


    The Forerunner 55-collection has the event registration feature and the assistance alarm, which automatically notifies your family and friends if you have a crash on your bike or need to call assistance by sharing your position.

    Notice: LiveTrack requires that you have your smartphone around and that it is connected to the watch via bluetooth.


    In addition to GPS, Garmin Forerunner 55 also offers GLONASS and Galileo satellite reception, which provide more accurate measurements of speed and route registration in forest - and urban areas. 

    GPS is activated by default for outdoor sports profiles where GLONASS and Galileo has to be manually activated at every sports activity. 


    Garmin Forerunner 55 tells you how stressed your body is on a scale from 1-100 based on heart rate variations. Your body can be stressed by several factors, where stress registration helps you monitor your body´s current stress levels. 


    Body Battery is a feature which constantly updates you on the energy levels of the body on a scale of 1-100 in real time.

    The Body Battery number is calculated based on stress levels, sleep patterns and amount of sleep, recovery and physical activity. Body Battery is a geature which gathers all data from different measurements and provides a total score how fresh your body is 24/7. 


    Body Age estimates your body age based on VO2-max estimates constantly provided by the watch from data on physical activity. 


    If you are pregnant, the watch can also be of assistance. You can follow the growth of the baby from a small blueberry to a water melon, just like you can also keep a journal of your symptoms or read tips on what is important in this stage of your pregnancy. 


    The battery life of the Forerunner 55-collection has been improved a lot since its predecessor (Forerunner 45). Now the battery can last 20 hours in GPS-mode and weeks of regular smartwatch mode where the previous version had 13 hours of regular use. , 


    • Smartwatch mode: Up to 7 days incl. 2 hours and 30 min. running.
    • GPS-mode: Up to 20 hours

    Notice that that battery life is slightly reduced with the GLONASS and Galileo satellite connection turned on. 


    Garmin Connect is Garmins online universe for both your computer and smartphone, where all data is assembled in the cloud and all activities like sleep, steps, physical activity and much more is presented in a comprehensible way. 

    Garmin Connect is much more than a gathering point for data. In Garmin Connect you have the option to challenge friends and family in a huge number of disciplines and competitions. 

    In addition the watch is compatible with Strava.


    • Garmin Forerunner 55
    • Charging cable
    • Quick guide