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Giving something back

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Recently Pete (from Velorunner) and Ben from (Ben Gamble Therapy and Coaching) have been working with a small group of women from Stafford Womens Aid, most have suffered domestic violence or sexual violence As well as having very little in monetary or assets ( many are living in refuge) they are low on confidence, self esteem and happiness. There are signs of substance dependency and to be fair who could blame them. According to the office for National Statistics two women die every week as a result of domestic abuse.

Just before half term one lady from the group graduated her couch to 5k, running a route with me and Ben, I was just so happy for her and to be totally honest for me and Ben, the sense of accomplishment was amazing. Another group member also proudly told me how she had'nt had a drink for two weeks and was looking forward to her life again.

Whilst instagram is full of coaches praising thier top athletes and thier amazing performances we dont see much from the other end. Which belive me when you see the effort put in by the coach and the athlete it is equally if not more deserving of praise and recognition. Working with Ben and the group has been one of my weekly highlights giving back in so many different ways, especially after recieving the below e-mail

"Hi Pete,

Thank you! I'm still amazed that I actually did it! I did go for a short run on Saturday around t 2.2k. I haven't felt too bad, just a bit achy. I can't thank you and Ben enough for all your time, support and encouragement, I never would have done this without you. The body is an amazing thing, even after 3 lots of chemo, 2 lots of radiation, 2 stem cell transplants and multiple surgeries, it is still able to run! Thank you so much."

So it doesnt matter how fast you go or how far, nor where you place, the important bit is just going. Take part, wether thats a local time trial, the Saturday ride, park run, or just round your block on your own. Starting is the hard part, the rest is easy (ish).

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