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How Orbea is working in Scotland to help Preserve the landscape we all Love

Pachamama invites you to discover a community dedicated to caring, recovering and conserving a unique place suitable for cyclists. Discover with Orbea's project "The Wolfman" how to give back to a gravel territory in all its splendour.

Alladale is a vast expanse of natural landscape. It is ideal for disconnecting from everyday life and immersing yourself in nature. The thousands of acres of idyllic scenery will captivate any cyclist who wants to explore this land deep in the Highlands, Scotland, from spectacular glens and breathtaking mountains to gleaming rivers and glacial mountain lochs.

In "The Wolfman", Pachamama tells the story of this place and the most visible figure behind the whole project, Paul Lister, a.k.a. The Wolfman. "Our vision at Alladale is to restore as much of the flora and fauna as possible, which will help create a healthier, more balanced environment that all of us depend on," says Paul Lister. On a Terra M21e Team and Gain M21e 1X, Pachamama rides through this bucolic gravel paradise and the history that shaped this place. It is a place for people with a great awareness of the benefits of nature and its conservation, who also invite more people to join their efforts and enjoy what has been achieved so far. Where to see the story: This new chapter of Pachamama is available on Orbea's project website.

In this space, reliving any of the stories documented worldwide and keeping up to date with any new project developments is possible.

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