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The best things in life aren’t free

You need to earn them...

The best things in life aren’t free, but you also can’t buy them with cash. They need paying for with effort, time, discomfort or possibly all three. As Cyclists and Runners we know this, we enter and pass through landscapes becoming part of natures painting, feeling the Singletrack beneath our tyres and feet synchronising with its natural rhythms. We pay with early mornings, turbo sessions sweat and sometimes blood and tears. We know there will be failures, hard times where the group drops us, but we know the rewards are there trusting the process and our tribe to see us through. And then it happens, the unforgettable sunrise, Following the badger in the headlamp down your local favourite trail, or watching the foxes play in the late summer sun. The pedals turn easier than before and the next thing you know your cycling up and alpine pass with only your heartbeat keeping you company. It happened to me on Monday, I left the warmth of the duvet, put my brooks levitates on left the house. It was dark and cold, and as I ran along the stream through the park, the wind picked up, and I zipped up my weather vest just a little higher. I headed out of the town on through bird lands estate up the hills onto the lanes, and then it happened, Dawn just stopped me in my tracks, a spectacular sky that was there for only a few of us and I ran with it for a mile or so. The perfect start to the day. I had no idea what my pace was running smoothly by feel, and I was happy.

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