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Vegan Running shoes at VeloRunner

Mizuno Running shoe range completely Vegan

Did you know that the entire Mizuno running footwear range is now 100% vegan friendly. Consumers can pick any shoe from VeloRunner considerable Mizuno running range, certain in the knowledge that they don’t contain animal products or animal-derived ingredients. It also means, importantly, that no animals or animal products are used in any part of our running shoes’ creation. The Mizuno UK running shoe range alone consists of 23 different models of shoe each for men and women, plus junior options – right across the board from every-day training to performance, to trail. Providing a running shoe to suit everyone doesn’t just mean catering for different technique, gait, speed, or surface; the running market is very knowledgeable and the decision-making regarding purchasing product is increasingly sophisticated. We are therefore delighted to provide an exciting range that combines established Mizuno technologies with the highest quality, vegan friendly materials. A range for runners of all standards and needs, whether they are vegan or not.

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