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Velorunner show they are "Tough in Pink" not just pretty.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Velorunner members have produced some amazing performances this weekend.


Joe Edwards came an impressive 36th in the Yorkshire Marathon with an amazing time of 2.42.59, great run Joe;

Mark Williamson was also in marathon action and ran the Budapest Marathon. Sweltering conditions and a stinking cold last week meant that a PB was not on the cards, but he ran a very credible 3.25;

Dale Poulton ran the Manchester Half. He too has been poorly in the run-up to the race and should be incredibly proud of his 1.48; and whilst not a competitive running member, Ben Gamble is a VeloRunner volunteer so he gets a mention. He ran the England Masters Cross Country team selection race on Saturday and came second V40. He has now been selected to represent England in the British & Irish Cross Country International in Glasgow on 11 November 2023.


The cross country at Stafford Common was a muddy affair, but the men came away with another victory in division 2, and the ladies were a brilliant 7th. We had a lot of people run their first cross country…..Ian outsprinted his neighbour, Anna Mitchell, running her first race since breaking her ankle, and Ann Nightingale’s sprint finish would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money. Whilst the race was challenging, the camaraderie after the race made up for the pain and the mud! Well done everyone.

A HUGE thank you needs to go to Ann and John Nightingale. They lug all of the equipment to the tent area for us, set everything up, have the kettle on by the time the runners arrive and then stay to dismantle it all. We’d just be a bunch of cold runners sheltering under a tree without them. Thank you both so very much.

New Members

Welcome to Jo Bentley, Kirsty Stephenson and Paul Swan who have all joined the club in the last few weeks.

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