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Are you making the most of your E-bike ?

Man riding ebike

Have you got an e-bike with a Shimano ep801 or ep6 motor and are NOT utilizing Shimano's AUTO SHIFT and FREESHIFT?

Shimano's AUTOSHIFT function monitors your cadence, torque and speed to keep you in the best gear for the conditions. AUTOSHIFT algorithm's spread the load on your drivetrain prolonging life!

Shimano's FREESHIFT function allows you to shift gear while coasting or freewheeling!

If you've got one of the many bikes on the market with Shimano's latest motors then you might be missing out!

Depending on what is equipped on your bike from the factory, we can upgrade your bike to Di2 for as little as £449!

Linkglide technology can offer upto 300% more life from your drivetrain than previous high end drivetrain components!!

Get in touch for a quote on upgrading your current bike!

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