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The VR Winter Addict

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

VeloRunner has worked with Our team at provision to produce what we think is the complete UK winter riding Jacket, 100% waterproof, with a cycle fit, with a technical fabric that keeps you both warm and dry from the inside as well as from the outside elements.

Order your VR Winter Addict online now.

The Storm Tech jersey is made from a lightweight fabric, that is wind-proof and water-proof, which, thanks to the Windtex membrane, protects and maintains warmth at the same time. The interior, entirely made of absorbing microfibre, helps the dispersion of sweat, which is completely absorbed by the membrane avoiding the unpleasant sensation of humidity typical of traditional winter fabrics. Featuring 3 open rear pockets in reflective material for those late night rides and commutes. Plus vibrant FLURO pigment applied to the material for higher visibility.

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