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Understanding Gait Analysis

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Gait analysis is a common way of discovering which running shoe is suitable for you. Assessing your running style, the shape and size of your feet and the strength of your arches, gait analysis is carried out to help strengthen your running style, in order to relieve physical tension and pain. This, in turn, will make running much more comfortable, helping your posture and reducing the pain of arched feet or the re-emergence of pain from a previous injury.

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Understanding Pronation

Pronation is the name given to the way in which your foot rolls inwards as it hits the floor. Typically your body’s way of distributing the impact of striking the ground, pronation is a natural aspect of the gait cycle. It’s vitally important you understand your foot’s natural pronation when choosing the appropriate shoe for all your exercise routines to help avoid injury.

In general, there are three main types of pronation:


The most common pronation type amongst runners is known as overpronation. This occurs when the planted foot rolls inward excessively, transferring the weight to the inner edge instead of centring it on the ball of the foot. It is often associated with low arches or flat feet.


Sometimes referred to as supination, this occurs when the outer side of the foot strikes the ground at a steeper angle than normal, with little or no movement inward. This causes a jarring effect and a large transmission of shock through the lower leg. This type of pronation is associated with high arches.

Neutral Pronation

Neutral pronation happens when the foot lands on the outer edge and then rolls inward in a controlled manner, distributing weight evenly, helping to absorb shock. When pushing off, there should be an even distribution of pressure from the front of the foot.

How Is Gait Analysis Performed?

At Velo Runner, our gait analysis sessions generally last around thirty minutes. First, we’ll start by having a discussion about what running goals you wish to set before discussing any previous injuries you have had which may affect your running potential. You will be given a pair of neutral running shoes and we'll ask you to spend some time on our running machine as we assess for signs of overpronation. This session will be recorded for feedback.

After this, we will playback the recording and look at your running technique together. The recording will allow us to offer expert advice on your technique and advise on which type of running shoe will give you optimum performance and comfort. The test will be run again to confirm our recommendations.

At Velo Runner, we provide a free gait analysis service. There's no obligation to purchase from us first; simply visit us in Stone, and we'll analyse your running technique. This is the ideal service for those who are unsure as to what running shoes they need. We offer top quality shoes, designed to help you run better and adjust your gait. We also have a range of bike accessories, should you want to switch off from running for a while. Contact us today to learn more about our services, including gait analysis.

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