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Winter Tips part 2

Healthy winter running

Wintertime brings lower temps, cold rain, and snow, and whilst most of know the importance of topping up our fluids in hot weather it can often be neglected during the colder months. If you’re lacing up in cold weather, be sure to dress well for your runs. Wear layers, choose sweat-wicking gear, and consider hand warmers, hats or buffs.

Think about about your layers — Agood guideline is to start cold, I know that if I'm warm before I start then with-in the first ten minutes Ill be overheating . Overheating means we sweat more, and all that extra water on your body could make your core temperature drop in a hurry.

Layers can keep you warm and comfortable, but one of the best things you can do to keep healthy on your winter runs is to stay hydrated.

What is dehydration?

When you use or lose more fluid than you take in, your body doesn't have enough water and other fluids to function normally. If you don't replace lost fluids, you become dehydrated. Symptoms can include extreme thirst, cramping, fatigue and dizziness. Those symptoms are troubling enough, but you should also know dehydration can lead to dangerous complications like urinary and kidney issues, seizures, and more.

Tips for staying hydrated during cold weather

Consuming adequate fluids not only prevents dehydration, but can regulate body temperature and boost metabolism, too. Here are some of our favourite tips to keep you hydrated this winter.

Just say no to cold

Avoid cold liquids before a run. Room temp or warm liquids are better choices for keeping an optimal body temperature. Who doesn't love a warm blackcurrant.

Be Fruity

Apples, oranges, pears, and other winter fruits contain plenty of water and are full of vitamin C, which can boost your immune system. So grab a piece of fruit the next time you need a snack.

Cancel caffeine, avoid alcohol

you don’t have to go cold turkey with caffeine or alcohol during winter. But because both are diuretics, which are substances that promote increased urination. To stave off dehydration be maybe switch to a hot chocolate pre run and save your cup of late or Mocha for coffee post-run.

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