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Virgin London Marathon 2021 Start to Finish

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Over 2 years of waiting are over and Im waiting at the start line in the Green Pen, wandering what's going to roll out over the next three to four hours and 26.2 miles. Except this isn't the start line, the start line for any marathon is months before, for me sometime in July

Handling small injuries

During August I began to develop a small twinge in my right hip, which then led to a tiny bit of sluggishness in my right leg. Typically I battled through this but it was affecting my times, and speed work – recovery between runs needed to be longer, and I took the decision to focus on volume as opposed to interval work, knowing that on the day I’d be able to get my speedy New Balance RC's shoes back on for an immediate pick up and running with others in crowds would give me a 20 seconds per mile.

Trying to balance work, life, and running

Family Hloidays during July August to Scarborough first and then Lampeter actually gave me a boost running on new trails and with the fantastic Sarn Helen Running club in Lampeter packed in some long runs across hills and trails. However work was ever incredibly busy with new environmental challenges to running a business in the post pandemic era being incredibly difficult. My main stay became the run commute to work (which is handily a half marathon) followed by cycle commutes home or if driving two back to back halves.

Through out the programme I was keenly aware I was missing some critical components such as decent sleep rest recovery and diet, but life doesn't get marathon training and frankly most people should get a medal for just making it to the start line of a marathon addable to to run.

My injury though was repairing and with two weeks to go along with my coach and physio Ben, We decided to scleras the running right back to short easy runs, giving the muscles around the hip the best chance of repair possible.

Drop the Expo farce.

2021 London marathon seemed to come around out of nowhere, and this being my first I had no ideas what to expect, but I had taken the decision from the very start that the race would only be part of the weekend and that It would be weekend for both my wife and five year son "Jacob" to enjoy.

So on the Friday we travelled down on the train and after checking in to super hotel we headed over to the expo centre, which was sadly a hugely negative experience, we were told on the door that children were not allowed in as they had changed the rules overnight. I was meant to be meeting suppliers but the overly aggressive security team where enjoying their power a little to much. we decided to eat but then chawed our mind as the tables where not being cleaned and filthy.

I find it amazing really that given everything everyone does to get them selves in the best shape they can to run a race London Marathon then do everyone they can to screw you over the day before. I can no benefit in the number bag system other than a financial one to them.

Friday and Saturday was family time

Resilience, bloody mindedness and determination

What I lack in talent and natural ability I make up for in stubbornness and resilience, but these where seriusouly tested from around 18 miles as the lack of interval sessions and my niggles came back to haunt me, Plans changed from plan A to plan B to plan C and I eventually rocked over the finish line in 4.07 a full 22 minutes from what I wanted and set out for. But that marathon racing I guess, it doesn't always come off, its a testing environment that whilst fun it push's you no matter what level you are at. Truly everyone that crosses the start line is a hero.

And then its beers as thoughts quickly turn to the next race and what could be achieved with just a little bit more prep and training.......

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