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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The most beautiful and popular e Mountain bike of the year is back in stock at VeloRunner (its also THE LIGHTEST E-BIKE IN IT´S CLASS)

This model is the Orbea Rise H30.

Orbea Rise H30 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2022

Rise is a machine designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment.

Rise brings you nearer the sensation that less “e” delivers more “bike”. Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in MTB.

Alloy Frame - THIS IS THE LIGHTEST E-BIKE IN IT´S CLASS. Meaning that no other aluminium ebike with this range and power delivery comes anywhere close. This is key, Orbea wouldn’t accept anything other than the same playful handling and natural pedaling that riders love with their Rise family.

Rider Synergy Concept - RS is a new philosphy - a completely integrated system that becomes a reality when Power, Range, Interface and Weight are considered together. A new riding experience that enhances the joy of traditional trail riding with smooth support that feels as natural and alive as your own body.

Minimalist, integrated and sleek with no bulky components to take you out of the moment, bringing you closer to the trails and the ride. An E-Bike designed specifically for the trail rider.

RS Power - Creating the concept with Shimano. The idea of creating their own power plant for Rise was daunting, but Orbea believed that this would be the only way to realize their goal of a complete RS System for trail bikes. Orbea had been looking for the best way to achieve this for a long time, so when Shimano shared the plans for their new EP8 motor, they quickly realized that this awesome drive unit offered them the perfect platform on which to build the RS Power concept

Max torque 60Nm | Max Speed 25Km/h | Weight 2.6kg

RS Range - Rise is intended for big rides. Rise features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender.

Main battery: 360Wh | 2.2kg | Over 4 hours ride time

RS Range Extender: (Sold Separately) 252Wh | 1.4kg | Extra 70% Ride Time

RS Interface - Sleek and expandable. Orbea have embraced data collection with cycling computers and smartphones but often stop short of attaching large displays on our handlebars or top tubes.

RS Weight - The RS Motor, Battery and Electronics are lighter than other E-Bike systems by over half. Rise can weigh as little as 16.5kg. The beauty of the RS sytem si that assistance torque and power is provided within a range where normal, high-quality trail bike components can be used.

One Button & Clean Clip - The power button is tucked away by the bottom bracket, and all wires are routed internally. The same with the charging port on the side of the seat tube. Protected by a tough water and dirt proof cover, it has an integrated Clean Clip feature that holds plugs tightly when using the RS Range Extender or just sealing the connectors when closed.

Electric Spec:

  • Motor: Shimano EP8-RS

  • Battery: Orbea RS Internal 540Wh

  • Remote: Shimano E7000 switch unit for assist

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