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Choosing a Bike for Your Child

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Ready to share your love of cycling with your child? Kids love to cycle, and you can start them pretty young, but how do you choose the right bike for your child? As with adult bikes, it depends quite heavily on the type of cycling they’ll be doing. It will also depend on their ability.

Check the Weight

Your child should be able to manoeuvre their bicycle, so it can’t weigh too much. Children are usually unable to lift an adult bike, which means you’ll need to find one that they can handle. An aluminium frame is generally a better choice than steel for children under 12.

You’ll also want to keep other weight to a minimum. Don’t load the bicycle up with odds and ends that will add more weight, since this can make it more difficult to steer.

Start with Basics

Early on, children don’t need extra gears and chain sets. These are rarely needed for smaller bikes and certainly not for younger children. Once they’re old enough to understand the concept of shifting, you can add a bike with gears if need be. However, it’s best to keep it simple for as long as possible.

You can plan to add gears once your child has begun using a larger mountain bike with + 20” wheels. This will help them get around the trails, but they’ll also have the ability at this point to shift when necessary. Younger children are likely to become confused when there are too many things for them to think about when riding.

Check the Style

If your child is riding a smaller bike, anything light will usually do. Once they have graduated to 20” wheels, however, you need to start looking closer at what type of cycling they intend to do.

For road cycling, look for a road bike that offers narrower tyres for easy riding on the road. These should also have drop handlebars. Ideally, this won’t be your child’s first bike, though. They should already know how to ride well before you add in more specialised options.

Mountain biking requires a mountain bike with wider tyres and solid treads for easy handling on trails. Some children will prefer a hybrid bike for either of the two possibilities.

Taking your child riding with you is a wonderful experience and a chance to bond with them. It is also a great opportunity to create a lifelong habit of enjoying the outdoors. With the right bicycle, your children can enjoy cycling as much as you do.

Do you need help selecting the perfect bicycle for yourself or your child? Contact VeloRunner and let us help you choose the right bike for your needs.

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