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Cycling With Children: How To Keep It Safe & Fun

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Cycling is a great activity for the entire family. Whether you cycle for sport or competitively, you can and should take your children on cycling trips. It’s a lot of fun for them and will help you bond even more.

If you’re riding with very young children, it may be best to have them on your bike for safety. A child’s seat can be added to your bicycle, or you can have them in a trailer behind your bike. Either option provides a safe way for a small child or toddler to ride with you.

Once the little one is big enough to get around on their own bicycle, you can head out together. However, you should be aware that they will move much slower than you in the beginning and are not as stable on their bicycle. This means you should stick to bike trails and tracks where no vehicles are driving around. Small children may swerve suddenly into oncoming traffic, which can have a tragic end.

Two young girls cycling

Riding With Older Children

Once your children are old enough to move around on their bikes easily and can ride anywhere with you, it’s time to really have some fun. You can begin training for their first race if they’re interested, or you can simply enjoy riding to the next village over and getting ice cream. There are so many ways to enjoy life when your entire family can happily get out and about on their bicycles.

Safety First

You need to ensure that you and your family are all equipped with the proper safety equipment. Never ride without your helmet and ensure that you have a first aid kit with you in case there are any minor incidents.

It’s also important to bring plenty of water with you, as well as a few snacks to fuel tired bodies. Kids often get hungry and thirsty faster than adults and you’ll find it easier to get home if you have the necessary fuel. They should also stay hydrated, which is important when you are out riding around.

It’s also a good idea to regularly service your bicycles so they won’t break down when you’re away from home. Children will find it more difficult to ride a bicycle that isn’t working smoothly, as well, which can be a serious issue if you’re kilometres from home.

At Velorunner, we offer bicycles that will work for the whole family, as well as repairs. Contact us today to learn more.

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