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VeloRunner 2022.

2021 has been another challenging year and put us all under under different pressure's either personally or at work or , many of us at tims feeling lonely missing friends colleagues or work routines. One of the Velorunner goals set by me and Simon for 2021 was to make Velorunner a community hub for all runner and cyclists, a place where you could forget your troubles and find support from one another. As we go on in to 2022 I hope once again to provide a local community hub where cyclists and runners can pass the time of day with like minded individuals over coffee and compare tales of rides and runs in rain or shine. Or watch in amazement as another piece's of carbon fibre are expertly put to gather by Simon.

We have some exciting times ahead with a re launch of the cycling club after nearly two years of extended free membership. The relaunch will hopefully provide more riding opportunities for all levels of ability, while working more in partnership with British Cycling.

As well as the benefits that are already in place such as third party insurance we will be adding to these as well providing British Cycling coaching or ride leader opportunities.

The relaunch will coincide with a new club strip in late March early April, but you will hopefully start to see some changes come into effect before then.

Our Velorunner Website will be expanded to a members area with details of club rules and benefits as well as weekly store rides and time trials.

We will also be launching a official Velorunner British Athletics Club for our run community and at the corner stone of these will weekly coached sessions courtesy of Ben Gamble or in their absence runs from the store led by self as British athletics run Leader or Danny. We will also have our own official vest currently being developed by our kit partners Pro vision.

And thats just the Spring ......

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