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E Bike Testing ground for the bikes of the future for OOLAB and Rise

Find out how Orbea and Shimano work beyond the lab using EDR-Es as a testing ground.

Do you know about the EDR-E? It's the E-Bike Enduro World Cup. We're talking about the most challenging and coveted circuit in E-Bike enduro, whether for riders or teams. The circuit incorporates the downhill special stages of the Enduro World Cup without assistance. You can imagine the challenge of racing against the clock at full speed on tracks designed for conventional bikes. To add even more intensity, there are uphill special stages, the famous Power Stages, as they are called. This occurs in a single race day, with reconnaissance allowed only once shortly before the race.

In the following video, "The Future of Ebikes: Part 1", OOLab explains how it works in collaboration with Shimano in the search for the ebikes of the future. Learn all the project details in high competition from the OOlab and Shimano riders and staff. On this occasion, the team structure has taken part in the EDR-E round of Finale Ligure within its calendar of tests and trials, participating in this Enduro competition with a modified Rise. Among other things, the new Shimano XT Di2 with FreeShift and Autoshift plus

other parameters and settings are yet to be revealed.

Orbea Optimization Lab OOLab is Orbea's flagship innovation project, where the brand can test ideas, develop knowledge and create future solutions beyond the usual product development cycle. OOLab fosters creativity and innovation in all of the brand's product ranges. In the project, Orbea collaborates with its key brand partners who share this passion for innovation. Together, they can test shared ideas and develop future products. OOLab is not always tied to a specific project, but the learning generated helps to move forward and shape the future.

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