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Electric Bikes Explained

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Seen as an eco-friendly alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles, electric bikes are a sustainable way to complete your morning commute or simply go out on a relaxing ride during your free time. Available in a range of models and designs suitable for mountain biking fans as well as children and amateur cyclists, this blog will explain the basics of electric bikes, and answer some important questions. VeloRunner are a leading provider of bikes, running shoes and tailored fitness equipment. Whether you cycle or run for fun or competitively, our bicycle shop professionals can help you reach your full potential.

Read on for all the info you need on electric bikes, including the notable differences compared to traditional road bikes and the benefits of investing in one.

Electric bike

How Do They Work?

Similar in many ways to a conventional push bike, electric bikes rely on extra components, including an electric motor, battery and sensor. Pedal assistance is a common feature for many electric bikes, allowing the rider to navigate uphill and for long distances with reduced strain on their legs. Electric bikes are typically heavier than non-electric bikes, and charging is fairly simple. Often you will just have to plug the bike into a wall outlet with a cable.

What Are They Used For?

There are electric bikes to suit all manner of purposes, including delivery bikes, commuter models and mountain biking varieties with wheel grip and tread. Additional features can be expected too, with large interactive monitors, bottle holders, baskets and foldable frames. Due to their practicality, electric bikes from VeloRunner can be easily stored, secured and maintained, with easy cycling.

What Are The Benefits?

Integrated technology to make pedalling easier is a huge benefit for those who struggle to make their way up hills and sustain speeds for long periods of time, reducing the chance of strains and injuries to the lower body. This also means that e-bikes are faster, getting you to your destination on time consistently as you cover more distance. When comparing electric bikes to automobiles, the two wheeled option is unsurprisingly much cheaper as well, with no need to top up on petrol or an eye-watering initial cost.

Are They Worth It?

In short: Yes, they are. Though electric bikes can’t transport multiple people in the same way as an automobile, as an individual transport solution which is both sustainable and efficient, they are second to none.

VeloRunner offer a comprehensive service, stocking everything from running equipment to cycling appliances and bikes. By giving runners and riders access to industry-leading brands and a personalised service every time, we strive to help our customers be the best versions of themselves. Over 25 years of experience providing crucial advice have made us experts when helping with your fitness needs. When choosing your running shoes or new road bike, we can offer a gait analysis and personalised suggestions, simply contact our bicycle shop on 01785 818 055 with any queries.

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